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Workplace violence in the healthcare sector has far-reaching consequences, impacting both the well-being of healthcare workers and the quality of patient care. Many factors contribute to this risk, including working directly with people who have a history of aggressive behavior, behavioral issues, or may be under the influence of drugs.

We'll explore the transformative impact of AI-based weapons detection technology systems are reshaping threat detection and response, enhancing safety without compromising patient care.


Pattie McCue

Pattie McCue, Owner - Proven Methods Consulting 

An award-winning executive, Dr. Patti McCue has over 30 years of nursing and healthcare experience. She has extensive expertise in effective delivery of patient care, operations, and planning using interdisciplinary teams and evidence-based practices to effect positive improvement. Her executive roles span integrated health systems, an academic medical center, the largest rural hospital in the country and nonprofit community teaching hospitals.

Boe Young Circle

Boe Young, VP of Sales - SafePointe

Boe Young is a distinguished leader currently heading the sales and market strategies for SafePointe at SoundThinking, a cutting-edge AI/ML-powered covert weapons detection system. His executive expertise encompasses healthcare, technology, and national security, focusing on organizational growth, capital acquisition, and business development.

Robin Rice Headshot Square


Robin Rice is a safety and security expert with over 30 years of experience in military, law enforcement, corrections, physical security, and healthcare environments. He specializes in armed security and associated technology solutions in large hospital systems and is responsible for managing people, policies, and processes.

Learning Objectives

  • Hear the day-to-day challenges that nurses, and other providers have as they work on the front lines of Emergency Departments.
  • Assess how AI-driven concealed weapons detection systems can maintain and enhance patient safety without compromising the care environment.
  • Learn about strategies for integrating AI technology into existing healthcare security frameworks to achieve discreet and efficient security management.

Webinar Details

  • Date: Monday, April 15th
  • Time: 10 AM to 11 AM Pacific
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