I hope you got the chance to look into the experiences shared by other users on CrimeTracer. Your experience and expertise in using the CrimeTracer Platform to develop leads, identify suspects and arrest perpetrators are both useful and encouraging to your peers across the US.

Many times, our users uncover ideas and investigative methods in these stories, that lead them to try new techniques and searches that may never have occurred to them otherwise. While we are certainly proud of your successes, (and you should be too!) the investigative value of sharing them cannot be understated.

As our “Thank You” for sharing your story, we will be sending you one of our new SafetySmart Platform challenge coin for your collection. Please make sure your mailing address is complete and accurate.

When submitting your story, please make sure that:

  • You have approval from your supervisor and/or agency to share it. These will go on our website and may end up on printed literature as well. While we prefer to share name and agency with each submission, we can also list the author as Patrol Officer in Anytown, USA as necessary.
  • You have removed any specific case or suspect information (PII) from your story. While arrestee names are public information and can be shared, other names and identifying information may be removed prior to publishing.
  • You have included enough detail for readers to understand how you got to success. Include your thought process and how you cleared the haystack to find the needle using CrimeTracer. It’s also interesting to hear other things you tried or systems that you might have searched before gaining access to CrimeTracer.
  • You’ve included your address. We’ll get that challenge coin on its way in a few days.

Thank You once again for participating in our Success Stories Program. You are truly an inspiration to your peers and are directly contributing to safer communities across the Country.