ShotCast Webinar Overview

watch our ShotCast webinar to unlock the power of informed communities. ShotCast, the ultimate PIO's tool, revolutionizes public awareness of high-profile shootings through short videos. Learn how ShotCast empowers PIOs to strengthen community bonds and showcase ShotSpotter as an essential law enforcement tool.

  • Short informational video of a gunfire incident
  • Communications tool for Public Information Officers to help their agencies raise public awareness of high-profile shootings
  • Creates community awareness of ShotSpotter as a valuable law enforcement tool

Our Panel:

  • Kelcey Kintner - Senior Vice President, Red Banyan Public Relations
  • Jody L. Saunders - Chief Communications Officer, Virginia Beach Police Department
  • Milton Howard - Vice President, Product Management at SoundThinking, Inc.
  • Jerome Filip - PR and Marketing Specialist at SoundThinking, Inc.

Are you ready to revolutionize public awareness in high-profile shooting incidents? Introducing ShotCast, your ultimate communications tool for Public Information Officers (PIOs) and a game-changer for law enforcement agencies.

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