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Mitigate Active Threats with SiteSecure™ for Retail

The FBI recently described domestic violent extremists as the number one terrorism threat in 2021. Preparing for the unexpected is every security leader’s job. With the increased risk of active threats and surging city gun violence, more proactive measures are needed to protect shoppers and associates.


2020 Retail Firearm Fatalities Statistics


Gunfire incidents have increasingly contributed to deaths at retail locations.

retail stats


State-of-the-Art Gunshot Detection

for Intelligent Risk Mitigation 


Gunshot detection offers enhanced coverage for parking lots as part of a comprehensive retail site security plan to protect all LPRC zones. SiteSecure for Retail addresses zone 4 vulnerabilities before they enter the store.




24/7 perimeter protection with accurate, real-time alerts of active threats

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Situational data informs security personnel of multiple shooters or automatic weapons




Automated initiation of safety protocols and emergency response to minimize damage

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SiteSecure for Retail enables law enforcement and security personnel to:

  • Quickly detect, locate and respond to an active shooting event within seconds
  • Ensure shopper and associate safety by providing critical intelligence (ex. multiple shooters, precise location, direction of shots)
  • Connect real-time data with access controls, cameras, PSIM, drones and mass notification systems to optimize emergency response
  • Activate emergency protocols up to 4 mins faster, to mitigate risk and protect the public

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