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Hear West Palm Beach PD's Success Story

A well-designed Real-Time Crime Center, marrying different technologies, has enabled the Police Department to operate more efficiently to create a safer city for their residents. By installing gunshot detection and license plate recognition technology, and plugging these tools into a strategic hub for operations, West Palm Beach PD has achieved a 25% reduction in crime, which according to statistics has resulted in $11.5 million dollar savings for the community.

Access this webinar to learn how to:

  • Capitalize on technologies for efficient and effective policing

  • Improve operational intelligence from crime to conviction

  • Place technology in the right locations to provide the data necessary to 

    better direct resources and solve cases faster

  • Quickly adapt your strategy to stay ahead of organized crime

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Our Speakers


Ron Teachman

Director of Public Safety

Lt. Hagan Profile Picture

Lt. Clifford Hagan

Lieutenant at West Palm Beach

Police Department

Mike Prate Profile

Mike Prate

Manager of Customer Training


About the Panelists

Clifford Hagan - Lieutenant at West Palm Beach Police Department

Lieutenant Clifford Hagan is a 25-year veteran with West Palm Beach PD and is the Commander of the police departments Strategic Intelligence Center, comprising the real-time crime center, crime analysis, and intelligence units. Lt. Hagan has served as the lieutenant for the Criminal Intelligence Division, Homicide and Violent Crimes unit, Patrol Shift Commander, and supervisor of various tactical units. In 2018, Lt. Hagan was assigned to build the Department's real-time crime center.
The Strategic Intelligence Center opened in 2019 and has evolved into a hub for operations, contributing to a 25% decline in crime in West Palm Beach. Lt. Hagan holds a master’s degree in criminology and criminal justice from Florida State University and a graduate certificate in emergency management from Lynn University.

Ron Teachman - Director of Public Safety, ShotSpotter

Ron Teachman spent 38 years in law enforcement before joining ShotSpotter. Prior to ShotSpotter, he served as Chief of Police in South Bend, Indiana and before that in New Bedford, Massachusetts. He also worked for The Emergence Group, a Washington, D.C. based company specializing in criminal justice reform in post-conflict and emerging nations.

Mike Prate - Manager, Customer Training and Development, Vigilant

Mike retired from the New York City Police Department after completing 27 years. Mike worked 12 years on patrol and 15 as a detective. His investigative roles were in narcotics, robbery, and as a Pct. Squad Detective. Prior to retiring he was assigned to the commands Homicide/Shooting team and also worked with the FBI Violent Gang Task Force. Mike was also an active member of the Hostage Negotiation Team and has participated as a Peer Support Officer to both active and retired members who are struggling with suicide and PTSD.