How Hospitals and Police Can Partner to Address Gun Violence and Improve Patient Outcomes

Gun violence is a public health issue. While there is no easy way to solve it, some cities have seen positive outcomes from coordinated efforts between police and local healthcare systems. Hear how trauma surgeons and law enforcement leaders are using technology, establishing data collaborations, and streamlining processes to save time and improve the care of GSW victims.

Hear from Peoria and Milwaukee Police as they share insights on how SoundThinking augmented their gun crime approach to yield optimal results. Chief Marion and Chief Morales walk through specific challenges they've overcome and ways they gained buy-in for a gunshot detection system from city leaders and community members.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • Best practices for implementing cross functional partnerships with law enforcement and healthcare providers
  • Steps used to optimize GSW victim management process – leveraging police and medical data
  • How the police can help support studies that emphasize “Time to Goals” in GSW victim management
  • How partnerships with law enforcement supports community benefit goals for trauma centers and hospitals
  • Strategies for establishing data sharing process with law enforcement