The following story describes how Forensic Logic COPLINK helped confirm the identity of a murder suspect. 

An analyst received a phone call from the Dallas PD requesting information on a murder suspect that was allegedly from Houston. Dallas PD provided the identity and an Instagram account but they were unable to find any information that would further verify his identity. There was no history of him in the Houston PD records, despite the fact that he appeared to be currently living in Houston. Considering this, the Houston PD Analyst ran his name through CoplinkX and found a TON of information on him in Kansas and Missouri. The information also included photos of his tattoos that confirmed the photos on his Instagram. This information would have never been discovered without CoplinkX!

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Forensic Logic has spent more than a decade collaborating with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to deploy the largest, most powerful network of users, information and technology in American law enforcement.

We’ve combined our industry-leading search engine, LEAP, with COPLINK’s advanced analytics and reporting to offer a full suite of information technology in a single platform. The finest tools and the richest data are now matched with streamlined integrations and rapid deployment.

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