Learn Proven Tactics to Identify Shooters, Disrupt Gun Trafficking, and Enhance Collaboration

Are you struggling to effectively tackle gun violence across jurisdictional boundaries? You can now watch our exclusive workshop on-demand to learn intelligence-led strategies that harness crucial data sources and technologies to empower investigations. Law enforcement experts share real-world tactics using intelligence to identify shooters and traffickers, implement focused deterrence operations, strengthen police-prosecutor cooperation, and engage the community. You'll gain actionable insights into enhancing intelligence gathering, targeted enforcement, and multi-agency collaboration to disrupt gun crime. 

You'll gain actionable knowledge on:

  • Overcoming multi-jurisdictional collaboration challenges
  • Leveraging vital intelligence sources like ShotSpotter, NIBIN, eTrace, and social media
  • Implementing evidence-based tactics such as focused deterrence and hot spot policing
  • Strengthening police-prosecutor partnerships for more successful prosecutions
  • Engaging the community as an ally in reducing gun crime

Our Speakers

chittum_tom_1-modifiedTom Chittum, SVP of Forensic Services - SoundThinking

After nearly 27 years in federal law enforcement, Tom joined SoundThinking where he leads a team supporting the use of the company's data and solutions in investigations and litigation. A licensed attorney, Tom retired from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) as a Senior Executive Service member, serving his final year as Chief Operating Officer. 


Stuart VanHoozer CircleStuart VanHoozer, Chief of Police - Cobb County PD

Chief Stuart VanHoozer has been with Cobb County P.D. for 24 years, where he started his career and was promoted to Chief in 2022. Over his career there he has served in various capacities to include Field Training Officer, Patrol Sergeant and Lieutenant, Narcotics Sergeant and Lieutenant, Internal Affairs Lieutenant and Commander, Adjutant to the Chief of Police, Executive Officer to the Director of Public Safety, and Commander of Precincts 5, 3, and 2.


Stephen Barborini CircleStephen J. Barborini, Resident Agent in Charge-Special Agent - ATF

Stephen J. Barborini is currently a Detective for the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. He has a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Florida Atlantic University. He has toured and performed research at many firearm and ammunition manufacturers and firearm reference collections/museums in the U.S. and Europe. Barborini is an elite expert in the field of firearms and firearms investigations. He is highly regarded as a subject matter expert in the fields of social media firearm investigations, international and domestic firearms trafficking investigations, firearm cybercrime investigations, and the procedures, rules, and laws as they pertain to the import, manufacture, and sale of firearms.


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