What happens after the First 48 hours?

In the first webinar in this series, we discussed how the first 48 hours are critically important when solving gun crimes. The reality is that many cases take far longer. What should investigators prioritize in the days and weeks following an incident? In the second installment in this series, our industry experts Tom Chittum and Jamie Algatt along with Captain of Police Robert Rosin from the Oakland Police Department will discuss best practices.

Panelists will discuss:

  • Prioritizing, pursuing, and tracking leads generated through Crime Gun Intelligence (including NIBIN)
  • Using historical data to prevent future violence

  • Collaborating with other jurisdictions and sharing data

  • Providing comprehensive reporting and feedback to continuously improve processes moving forward

Our Speakers


Tom Chittum

Vice President

Analytics and Forensic Services



Jamie Algatt

Director of Investigative Solutions



Robert Rosin-2

Captain Robert Rosin

Captain of Police

Oakland Police Department

About the Panelists

Tom Chittum - Vice President Analytics and Forensic Services, ShotSpotter

After nearly 27 years in federal law enforcement, Tom joined ShotSpotter to help promote and support the integrated use of the company’s vast data holdings and comprehensive public safety solutions. He leads a team of experienced professionals committed to supporting robust and effective application of ShotSpotter’s products in investigations, forensics, and litigation.

Tom is a licensed attorney. He retired from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) as a member of the Senior Executive Service (SES). He spent his last year as Chief Operating Officer (COO). Over the course of his career, he enforced a wide range of federal criminal laws, especially related to firearms and violent crime. He worked undercover extensively and frequently testified in federal court as both an expert witness and a fact witness. He played an integral role in promoting the U.S. Department of Justice’s adoption and use of Crime Gun Intelligence tools and tactics.

He has a BA in Criminal Justice from Marshall University in Huntington, WV; an MS in Criminal Justice from Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, KY; and a JD from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas.

Jamie Algatt - Director of Investigative Solutions, ShotSpotter

Jamie Algatt delivers a vast and diverse experience of over 20 years in the public safety industry, specifically in the law enforcement space. Jamie possesses expertise in web-based, cloud native solutions for public safety utilizing windows and mobile platforms for delivery. His unique combined technical expertise and vast operational knowledge has proved invaluable in the industry. As the Director of Investigative Solutions, Jamie works closely with ShotSpotter’s customers/partners, the sales team and the product team to meet the technical and functional requirements to solve problems.

Captain Robert Rosin - Oakland Police Department

Robert Rosin is a Police Captain with over fifteen years of service at the Oakland Police Department in California. Robert has served in a number of assignments at OPD such as Patrol, Homicide and the Violent Crimes Operation Center. Presently, Robert oversees all police services 24-hours to approximately 75,000 residents with about seventy-five sworn members assigned, in a geographical region of the City to include, calls for service, community policing and crime prevention/reeducation.