Rich Niven joined the Forensic Logic team in August 2019 after retiring as the Lieutenant for the Oakland Police Department’s Ceasefire Unit. Rich is Forensic Logic’s Law Enforcement Liaison/Customer Success Manager for the Western United States, working closely with our customers to ensure successful implementation and training of our Forensic Logic products. 

After several years of severe resource constraints, soaring crime rates, and strained community relationships, Oakland PD created the Ceasefire Unit to reduce gang related gun violence, recidivism, and to improve community relations. Working closely with Forensic Logic, the Ceasefire Unit implemented intelligence-based strategies by letting data drive every aspect of its approach to violent crime reduction, from precisely targeting its worst offenders to enabling the most junior officers to access data in order to make investigative inroads at crime scenes. 

Oakland realized that flooding areas plagued by recent gun violence with patrol units wasn’t producing the desired outcomes. In fact, the standard responses were affecting the Department’s relationship with the community. With the help of the Forensic Logic platform, Oakland was able to focus on the small percentage of people driving gun violence.

“The success of our Ceasefire strategies relied on focused, intelligence-based policing. Forensic Logic’s platform provided us with the information we needed to focus on the right individuals who were driving violent gang crime in our city. I don’t think we could have been as successful without it”

Rich held many different positions at Oakland serving as a gang investigator, narcotic investigator and a supervisor of multiple investigative teams including the Special Victims Unit. Having utilized the Forensic Logic platform in many of these positions, Rich quickly learned its value and became a power user.

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The Forensic Logic Platform is not just a tool for analysts or detectives. Patrol and other street teams have had a great deal of success using Forensic Logic in the field. Forensic Logic provides valuable intelligence on contacts, vehicles and addresses within seconds.”

Rich sees his current position as an opportunity to share his knowledge of intelligence-based strategies and successful outcomes with the use of Forensic Logic.

It’s so satisfying training agencies on the platform I had so much success with. I get excited knowing that they will be successful as well.”



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Forensic Logic has spent more than a decade collaborating with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies to deploy the largest, most powerful network of users, information and technology in American law enforcement.

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