Get a Demo: CaseBuilder + CrimeTracer Integration

Up until now, the ability to save CrimeTracer searches and leads has been limited to bookmarking in a browser or sharing links to the search results pages. There were no efficient workflows or ways to publish any information uncovered in CrimeTracer.

With the integration of CaseBuilder and CrimeTracer, investigators can take actionable leads and connections they uncover in CrimeTracer and easily enter them into a case file in CaseBuilder, expediting the investigative process.

This integration also facilitates the ability for investigators to:

  • Import CrimeTracer leads into CaseBuilder with one click.
  • Upload time-sensitive crime bulletins into CrimeTracer for nationwide dissemination.
  • Set an alert to be notified any time a crime bulletin is uploaded, filtering them if desired by agency or other criteria.