Finding essential investigative information efficiently and successfully from inside and outside a jurisdiction is just one of the challenges Law Enforcement faces every single day. With the use of Coplink SEARCH and the ability to quickly obtain critical investigative information from across the country with a simple search, a major California city solved a serious case of robbery and rape that spanned three jurisdictions.  

1st Case:

A prostitute agreed to meet a man from a dating app. After a sexual act was performed, a second man entered the room and the two men committed a strong-armed robbery of the woman. She immediately reported the crime to the police department, providing the phone number of the suspect that was used on the dating app.

The detective assigned to the case, ran the phone number through his department’s data storage solution with no results. He ran the phone number through a popular public information database and again received no results. Remembering that his department recently subscribed to Forensic Logic, he ran the number through their powerful law enforcement search engine, Coplink SEARCH. With one simple search, the detective’s query instantly returned a domestic violence from a jurisdiction thirty miles away, that included the phone number of the suspect. The detective now had a name and number that he did not have access to within his department’s data network.

2nd Case:

Several days later, the detective received news of a similar case. A woman visiting from out of town was staying at a local hotel. She used a dating app to connect with a man, agreeing to meet him in her hotel room.  After the two engaged in a sexual act, the man retrieved a firearm and demanded that the victim open the room safe, threatening her life. The victim reported the incident to the local police department, providing the detective with a picture of the suspect retrieved from the dating app.

From the domestic violent report that he received from his quick search in the Coplink SEARCH platform, the detective was able to obtain a DMV photograph of the suspect. The detective compared the dating app picture of the suspect with a DMV photo of the suspect listed in the outside agency report he retrieved from Coplink SEARCH. It was the same suspect. Based off on this information, from outside his jurisdiction, the victim was able to identify the man who robbed her from a photo lineup.

3rd Case: 

With the accumulating evidence, a case was prepared for the District Attorney. During this time, the detective was informed of a crime bulletin from a third jurisdiction fifty miles away. The case was familiar - A woman agreed to meet with a man from a dating app to then be forcibly raped and robbed at gun point. A surveillance picture of the suspect was provided, confirming this was the same suspect as his two cases.The detective contacted the outside agencies and a multi-jurisdictional operation was put together.

The suspect was located and arrested at the residence listed in the domestic crime report, received from Coplink SEARCH. A simple search through Coplink SEARCH provided the detective with the information he needed to pursue the suspect quickly and efficiently. With this critical information and some great police work, the detective solved a case that spanned three jurisdictions, taking a violent predator off the street.

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