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The American Rescue Act Provides a Historic Opportunity for Law Enforcement to Fight Rising Crime

“Funding can be used for investments in technology and equipment to allow law enforcement to more efficiently and effectively respond to the rise in gun violence."

- Joe Biden, 46th U.S. President


Discover How You Can Use American Rescue Funds for Your Community

Recognizing the urgent need, lawmakers approved a $350 Billion stimulus and ShotSpotter can help.


Funds can be used for ShotSpotter's Precision Policing Platform to:

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    Help local, state and federal law enforcement respond to, investigate and deter crime.
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    Gives agencies timely and accurate intelligence to rapidly deploy resources to respond to crime, as well as proactively prevent it.
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    Includes community protections and engagement opportunities to help improve police-community relations.

The First End-to-End Precision Policing Platform™

Data-driven tools to more efficiently and effectively respond to, investigate, and deter crime.

Reduce Gun Crime with Proven Gunshot Detection Technology

Improve Clearance Rates with Smarter Case Management

Direct Patrols to the Right Place at the Right Time to Deter Crime

It is Urgent that Agencies Act Now!

ShotSpotter's funding experts can help you justify your need for funds.

What you should know about the American Rescue Act:

  • Funds can be used for evidence-based, violence prevention strategies, gunshot detection systems and community policing
  • Your city/county has already received its allocation.
  • Local officials are preparing their spending plans now.

Don't delay! Get a FREE funding consultation with an expert who knows the process.

We can help you navigate the critical steps necessary with your Administration and Elected Officials as you continue to protect your community.